05. July 2020 - 18:30

Thirteen Queens Womxn's Group, Online, Sunday, 05. July 2020

Working with Archetypes and The Moon

About this Event

This is an online womxn's group, meeting every full moon and new moon, open to women, trans, and non binary people.

What is it to live a ritual life? Have you always wanted to do something to mark the full and new moons?

Some cultures used to set their calendars by the moons, marking each season and stage of the year. We have lost this way and fixed our calendar into twelve months instead of thirteen. This is some kind of return to the Thirteen Moons as a marker of time.

With each moon I have an associated archetype. These are personal to me, and have developed from the four archetypes - Warrior, Mother, Shaman, Lover - transmitted to me by Elisabeth Serra, based on Jungian depth psychology.

Each archetype relates to a season, element, direction, stage in the menstrual cycle, and stage in the life cycle. I have fleshed the four out into Thirteen Archetypes, as there is so much in each one.

I am bringing this work as a facilitator of women's groups for the past ten years, but more so as an artist and songwriter, as an act of the imagination.

For the next three months we'll be looking at the different faces of the Mother Archetype. She is the ground and foundation for everything else in our lives, the earth, the anchor, the nourishment. How well we grow depends on the quality of the soil. We may know how to mother others, but have trouble turning love in towards ourselves. She is the antidote to the inner critic, she helps us to relax, to receive, to accept ourselves, and to CREATE. She is the ultimate creatrix, the miracle maker, turning dreams into realities. Her work has both sacred and worldly dimensions, transforming herself and those her creations touch. She is a force of nature in love with life, bringing warmth into our darkest places. 

What are archetypes and why work with them?

I see archetypes as doorways to energies that we may not otherwise have access to, but want to develop. Maybe you didn’t have anyone in your life who modelled full-bodied eroticism to you, or fierce loving boundaries. We learn through imitation and it's hard to develop something you haven't seen enacted in another.

Archetypes are imbued with the collective energy of stories, songs and mystical traditions, and can become this 'role model' for us. They are a living thing that you can track from one place to another. You may glimpse an archetype in a novel you love, then again in a film character, then in the lyrics of a song. In this way we piece ourselves together.

Any one archetype is out of balance on their own. We can access wholeness by seeking out the full circle of archetypes. Some fire to balance your water, some earth to ground your air. If I'm only a shaman I might miss out on deepening my earthly relationships. If I'm only a warrior I might not enjoy my surrender.

In the map of the 13 Queens I've been working with I've invited more and more of myself to come alive - to become bigger than my conditioned identity, to be balanced and supported on all sides. I'd like to show you how this can become an every day kind of lived power.


We will meet on Zoom on the actual Full and New Moon. This means our dates will be on different days of the week.

Commitment - The group will open and close every 3 months, meaning you sign up for 6 sessions at a time. 

The next round of 6 sessions are at 7.30pm - 9.00pm (UK time) on the following dates:

July 5th - Full Moon

July 20th - New Moon

August 3rd - Full Moon

August 19th - New Moon

Sept 2nd - Full Moon

Sept 17th - New Moon 

If you have to miss a session, all sessions will be recorded and sent to you, although it's advised that you experience them live, as they'll be interactive.

Each Full Moon I will guide a transmission from the archetype of that moon. We'll be welcoming aspects from that archetype using movement, music and imagination. Every New Moon we'll share about where we're at with the archetype and how it relates to our lives.

There will also be a Mighty Network as part of this group (instead of a facebook group), where resources will be posted and you can share with others.

Cost - I am committed to keeping this work affordable to all, and I'm using a sliding scale. The 'Full Cost Ticket' is £15 a session (£90 total). The 'Join the Group' ticket is £10 a session (£60 total). If either of these prices are prohibitive for you please let me know (email), and there are a few lower cost places available. Please note, there is no difference between what you experience depending on your ticket. This is just a way to recognise that based upon systemic oppressions involving class, race, gender and other factors, financial opportunities differ. I will leave the decision of what you feel able to pay up to you.

There is also a ticket where you can pay for the first session and treat it as a taster, after which you can pay for the remaining five sessions.

You pay for all sessions regardless of whether you join the call or not - all calls will be available to you.

These are the flavours of the archetypes coming up:

MOTHER ARCHETYPES (Earth, North, Summer, Ovulation, Mid-life)

Boubeia ~ Abundance, Beauty, Celebration of self, Being Seen

Noonya ~ Unconditional love, Acceptance of wounded/unconscious parts, Integration

Kamm ~ Creatrix, Inner freedom, Sovereignty, Holding Paradox

(July, Aug, Sept)

SHAMAN ARCHETYPES (Air, West, Autumn, Pre-menstrual, Menopause)

Amethesia ~ Priestess, Witch, Magician, Shapeshifter

Wutu ~ Wise Woman, Trickster, Dreammaker, Seer, Oracle

Gedwin ~ Medial being, Gateway to death/birth, Connection to other realms

(Oct, Nov, Dec)

LOVER ARCHETYPES (Water, South, Winter, Menstruation, Elder/Death/Birth)

Isari ~ Surrender, Eroticism, Pleasure, Receptivity

Desyr ~ Deep feeling, Vulnerability, Emotion

Ashres ~ Emptiness, The Void, Freedom

(Jan, Feb, Mar)

WHOLE WOMAN (In the centre)

Essena ~ The essential self, She who is being revealed


WARRIOR ARCHETYPES (Fire, East, Spring, Pre-ovulation, Maiden)

Sunhar - Boundaries, Vision, Will, Life-force

Oceta - Courage (feeling fear), Devotion to ones path, Commitment

Cliea - Truth-speaking, Clear seeing and Communication

(April, May, June)

Thirteen Queens Womxn's Group

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