03. July 2020 - 23:00
Fort Lauderdale
United Statespompano beach1955 N Federal Hwy

Love Residency - Intro to Transformational Training, Fort Lauderdale, Friday, 03. July 2020

Online Trainings Now Available! Transformational Trainings empower you to achieve your goals! Online Trainings Now Available!

About this Event

Online Trainings Now Available!

Life is NOW!

What do you want to achieve in your life? What if nothing was holding you back?

Part 1 Trainings available heavily discounted or free!

Part 1 - "Discovery" Weekend

Part 1 is about Self Discovery. You will be given tools to expand your Emotional and Procedural Intelligence that will distinguish the thoughts and behaviors that suit you from those that maintain your self-limiting beliefs. Coaching will be provided.

Part 2 - "Breakthroughs" Weekend

Part 2 is the Power House of Transformational Trainings. This is where you will be given skill sets to change the behaviors that are not suiting you. The Part 2 Breakthroughs are empowering in that they open your mind and heart to new possibilities. Graduates report the collective transformation is one of the strongest in their entire life. Coaching will be provided.

Part 3 - "Journey of Mastery" Approx 90 Days

Part 3 is about Practice - you will be collectively create a legacy project/non profit to use the skills you gain in parts 1 and 2. By continuing to authentically relate to your teammates you will develop skills and coping mechanisms to counter and defeat your self-limiting beliefs and their actions and serve as a stand for a transformed world. Coaching will be provided.

Coaching - The commitment to transformation continues

Maintaining new habits is challenging. Graduates of Part 2 or Part 3 are encouraged to witness the transformational journey of others as catalysts to maintain their own change in service as coaches. We recommend signing up to coach a full part 1, part 2, part 3 journey to witness the full transformation of your mentees/students. Coaches get coaching too.

Tickets not utilized for one training session may be transposed to other dates with a possible fee involved.

Meet our graduates! Outreach is our jam. Contact us to set up an informational phone call session.

Questions and Answers

What is a Transformational Training? - Divided into three parts

Part 1- (Discovery) An opportunity to confront your self-limiting beliefs and habits,

Part 2 - (Breakthrough) be shown the path to change, and

Part 3 - (Journey) the community that supports you as you stand for the world you believe in. Work together to start a non-profit charity and practice the training.

Who attends a Transformational Training?

Those who want to make a change in their life to achieve their goals and request a community to support them. 100% is possible 100% of the time. Class sizes are usually between 20-70 people.

When are trainings?

Each part or type of training starts about twice a month across multiple centers, see below for centers. The dates and times on this site are only APPROXIMATE

Where are you located?

The following centers offer certified transformational trainings. Where do you live closest? Online Trainings Now Available at almost all centers!

https://www.altrucenter.org- New York City Area

https://www.amptrainings.com - South Florida

https://www.gratitudetraining.com - South Florida

https://www.nextleveltrainings.com - Columbus, OH and Philadelphia, PA

https://www.your10life.com - Detroit, MI and Orlando, FL

Who runs a training?

Training Centers employ a staff of highly qualified, experienced, and certified personnel to guide your team's transformation

Why are you making this website? Are you here to make money?

Part of the pathos of transformational trainings is 'to be in Service.' This site exists to inform and educate but not to profit financially. We want you to attend a training close to where you live and will use our connections to help you attend at a discount or possibly for free. There is no ulterior motive here... we just want to share with you our experience

How much does this cost?

Listed Part 1 trainings cost a few hundred dollars, part 2 between $500-$1000, and part 3 $1200-$1700. However... trainings are available at highly discounted rates or even for free in the right circumstances. Its not uncommon for coaches and fellow students to help foot the bill for the full journey of others. 100% is possible 100% of the time. In our society of abundance its time for you to learn how financially powerful you really are. Are you hearing what I am saying?

After you complete your journey coaching is free. Amazing networking opportunities abound.

Seriously.... what happens in these trainings that can literally transform people? I am skeptical.

All trainings follow the part 1 (Weekend of Discovery), part 2 (Weekend of Breakthroughs), part 3 (90 Day Journey) format. Witnessing others be authentically vulnerable followed up with the support from the other students and coaches inspires attendees to expand their mind about what is possible in relationships. Love is a powerful motivator. There are specific lessons about how our thoughts, feelings, and actions start and perpetuate the self-limiting beliefs that don't serve us. You will be trained to use tools that help you make healthier choices, increase your procedural and emotional intelligence, and practice using these tools so you become more skillful and adept. Learn to utilize the power in the perspective that you are Source for everything that happens in your life and the world. Relating authentically feels amazing because there becomes a joy in seeing and believing what is possible.

But isn't it hard? This seems weird.

Authentically building relationships through shared vulnerability is an emotional process. We are present to the challenges of this training and ready to offer more than enough support to help you transform. This is a joyous thing. Our graduates are so enthusiastic about the power of the trainings the same way that Apple customers are fanatic about their iphones or you might love the restaurant that opened close to you and can't wait to bring your friends and family. The training is powerful and relating to others who have achieved their goals is empowering. We love to see you achieve.

I want to learn more. What do I do next?

Sign up to have an Enrollment Conversation. We have the hookups, experience, know how, and connection to make this happen.

Who runs this site?

The Gratitude Training Masterful Living (part 3) 46th class in Fort Lauderdale Florida, abbreviated ML46FLL. Although we are personally connected to Gratitude Training we have no financial stake in the continued success of any particular training center. We only wish to help people enroll in the trainings and are committed to maintaining this transparency. Learn more about our legacy project at www.facebook.com/loveresidency

Our contract: ML46FLL stands for a world that is compassionate, loving, peaceful, and abundant.

Life is NOW!

What do you want to achieve in your life? What if nothing was holding you back?

Part 1 Trainings available heavily discounted or free!

Online Trainings Now Available!


Love Residency - Intro to Transformational Training

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