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Get Money or Get Gone, US, Wednesday, 30. June 2055

** If you aren't a TBeliever... and don't wanna get my secret discovery on making easy money... then Get The F Out! ** :)

1) My first cd came out if you didn't already know, and I'm super stoked. I only have a few copies left and it's selling hotter than cold water on a hot day! If you're serious about buying a copy - please let me know so I can tell you how. Also it would help me know if you DO or MIGHT or DONT want a cd if you RSVP here:

2) I am going to introduce you to a new social media platform that is NEW and is going to take over facebook and instagram, maybe even twitter! WHY? Because it's a social media app just like FB and IG, only it PAYS you your royalties you don't make on facebook, instagram, twitter.

If you are scowling at me and really don't give a freak... then like I said GTFO now. Other wise... read on...

Okay, now what the heck was I talking about... about getting paid? I was talking about TSU. Maybe you've heard of it, tried it a while back and it was too new so you returned to facebook where all your friends and likes were at. WELL LET ME TELL YOU... it has updated and improved!!

I'm going to tell you (4) reasons why I will eventually get rid of all of my social media and just use TSU...

1) I make REAL money. I was nervous it was a scam at first and I AM TELLING YOU BECAUSE I CARE ABOUT EACH AND EVERY ONE OF YOU I wouldn't fool you into a scam because I'm honestly trying to help you!

Here's how it works: You get paid once a day, daily. Once you've hit $100 in your account, you can add it directly into your PayPal or have TSU send you a check. You can also use your money royalties to donate to charities you like, IF you'd like to donate (it's optional).

2) People can also send YOU TSU money. And like I said, once you hit $100 you cash it in - real money. No start up fees, no back out fees, no monthly fees .. 100% free. As an entrepreneur/Pop Artist, it is really fun, easy, and effective selling my merchandise.

Sounds like there should be a catch right?... NOPE! I am good friends with the CEO and founder of TSU and he found a way for the community to make profit off of their content and activity. Unlike facebook... you can get 50-100 likes on a profile picture, and it's the CEO of facebook who earns YOUR royalties. It's YOUR ****, YOUR page, YOU should get paid for making their social network success.

3) It has helped me IMMENSELY not only make some easy money, but also connect with highly influential people, and also helps me connect more easily with people I know personally and people I don't know from around the world! Most of my biggest supporters that dedicate each day to the success of my career... come from TSU! It's been amazing connecting and interacting with such amazing fans (of all ages, from around the world.)

4) The more active you are on TSU and the more traffic, views, likes, comments you get on your TSU page... the better the pay at the end of the day. If you aren't active, your audience won't be active, and your daily pay rate scale percentage goes down. You won't lose money (you NEVER lose money .. unless you donate, of course).

Okay now here are some things to know...

1) You MUST post original content. It can be anything you want, as long as you created the post yourself. If you use overly used pictures from the web (example: grumpy cat with a meme) ... you won't be able to cash in your royalties once you've reached $100. Must be original content! Selfies, a picture of your adorable pet/baby, a new shirt you just bought, what you had for desert, a flower you saw... all of that is original as long as you took the picture or isn't a picture pulled from google.

2) TSU has something called "TSU Family Tree". So let's say you joined right this second... you got your profile all ready to go, you tried it out and then you saw your first earnings in your TSU bank and decided you LOVED TSU and wanted more people to join from facebook to talk to... well you simply send them your TSU code to your peeps, and once they join, and THEY LOVED TSU and were active and added THEIR peeps under them... Guess what happens... YOUR TSU MONEY EARNINGS GO UP !!!

Klaus D introduced me to TSU and I joined under him (2) months ago. And within those two months, I've earned $70. Some may say... well that's not a lot... well, compared to a normal job, no that's not a lot. But it's a **** of a lot more than I make on facebook, twitter, and instagram or any other social media!!

I remember when I first joined facebook, I HATED IT. It was ghost town... only about (4) friends were on it... I was a Myspace DIEHEART! Then over time... facebook bloomed and suddenly moms and their moms were on facebook... mom's kids were on facebook. The stranger I made a joke to at Walmart was on facebook... and Myspace became dinosaur stone-age. I can't even remember my myspace password anymore... haha! Well, that is what's gonna happen to facebook with TSU. We are all struggling financially and it would be nice to get some extra money in the pocket while idling on social media... oh wait!.... I CAN!!!!!

Join now, ask me if you have any questions once your signed up. Once you've got your profile ready to go, let me know and I'll give you a shoutout on TSU

** Here's your code to get started: **

Get Money or Get Gone

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